利用數碼科技 幫助企業獲利

Training for busy staff
  • People are busy with their daily operations nowadays. They need flexible, effective and practical training to help them acquire the latest technologies, and driving the company to digitization. A.Plus Digital offers multiple formats of training, including Group Training, Workshop, Lunch & Learn, and e-Learning to allow staff to take care their work while learning the new skills.
Setting up with new tech
  • There are plenty of solutions in the market for building ecommerce and digital systems of different pricing schemes. The choices for digital marketing are also very broad. To help you save cost and avoid re-inventing the wheel, We will work out the most suitable solution based on your requirements, budget, and time line etc. factors.
Getting better with data
  • There are many unexpected factors that could affect the profitability of your business. One of the strengths of digital economy is that there are huge volume of data available, allowing you to identify the area that need to fix, cut cost or invest to grow your business. We work with you to dig into these data and find ways to optimize your operation for maximum profit.

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5 個 Email Marketing 趣味數據 [Infographic]
5 個 Email Marketing 趣味數據 [Infographic]
59% B2B 市場推廣負責人認為電郵是最好的平台 雖然社交媒體非常流行
很不錯的流量   很一般的生意
很不錯的流量 很一般的生意
很多人都可能經歷過這樣的事情:資金花在了 Google 廣告上,並為他們的購物