Google Analytics

Have you or your boss ever asked these questions about your company website?

  • Who are the visitors?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How is the performance of our marketing campaign?

You may think you need to go to the web team or your vendor and ask them to prepare the report for you. The good news is – you can easily get all these data, and more, directly from Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics GA?

GA is a free data analytics tool offered by Google for tracking your website traffic data. It is very comprehensive and can provide many preset reports for you to get a good understanding of your visitors and your website.

Google Analytics home
How to prepare for using GA

You need to first set up a connection of your company website with Google by “tagging”. This process is putting some “codes” on every page of your website, so that the relevant data will be sent to Google for tracking and reporting. You can use the Google Tag Manager to help completing this process, or you may ask your vendor to help. Once tagging is done, Google will start collecting the data and you can view them from now on.

Start using GA

You may go to the home screen of GA, where you will see several charts showing different data and reports. On the left-hand-side there is a menu where you can access a range of detailed reports.

Google Analytics menu

This report shows the key metrics right at this moment, like number of Active Users on site, their time spent, where are they from etc.

Google Analytics Real time report

This part shows the Users data. You can specify a period of time and get the number of users, pageviews, their countries, languages etc. You may also show the same set of data of another period for parallel comparison.

Google Analytics Audience report

The Audience is report is useful on understanding user behavior. For example, if you see a steady drop in number of users in the recent months, you may need to find out if this is caused by your competitor. Or, you can check the performance of a marketing campaign by checking the increase in pageviews and duration.


You can understand the source of traffic or users from the Acquisition report. Google breakdown the traffic sources to:

  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Organic Search
  • Social
  • Paid Search
  • Display
  • Affiliates
  • Other
Google Analytics Acquisition report

This report provides a good overview of the traffic and allow you to evaluate your marketing budget. For example, if you see the traffic are from Social is very low, then you may want to increase your budget on Facebook or Instagram.


The reports in this part focus on how your company website is performing. You may find the most visited pages or products here.

Google Analytics Behaviour report

If you run a shopping site this is a very handy tool to cross-check with your product sales report. For instance, you may identify those products that may have many pageviews but not many items sold. Then you can further dig out the reason: are these popular items overpriced? Is the check-out process complicated? This helps you to optimize your site for better results.


This is just a quick overview of Google Analytics. The reports covered here should provide plenty of insights and data allowing you to get a deep understanding of your digital presence. Of course, there are many data and reports available not yet covered.

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