(ADA) provides digital consulting and training solutions to organizations. From holistic digital business strategy to digital skillset or digital marketing tactic, we are committed to work by your side to go through this journey and deliver values to your organization.


Digital Transformation

To formulate the roadmap for transformation, it requires an in-depth understanding of people, processes and digital technology ecosystem. Our digital transformation consultants assist organizations adopt and implement digital technologies to accelerate innovation and deliver values for customers.


Digital Skills Training

Digital talent is threatening to become the major bottleneck of digitization in the industry. Growing a digitally savvy workforce is of top priority to stay competitive and lead in the digital economy. We provide training solutions to organizations for different levels and experience.


Digital Marketing

In the fight for customer attention, the marketing landscape has been disrupted by digital fundamentally. A well-planned and well-designed digital marketing campaign will deliver maximum results that convert to real business. ADA Digital Consultants understand the wide range of tools and media that helps organizations to  conquer this battle ground.



Venturing into the passage of digital transformation doesn’t need to be implying allocating huge budget and investing in large scale IT projects. It is totally understandable companies are facing this situation of the dire need of transformation, but at the same time the worry of failed implementations.


Align with Business Goals

Digital is not isolated. We make it works with the business.

Connected to operation

Changes have to be pragmatic. Our solutions link to real processes.

Customizable Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. We devise solutions to suit your needs at your own pace.



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