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Revitalize your remote network for peak performance – Auto Reboot

Think of your cellular router as the gatekeeper of your network. Like any tireless guardian, it can get bogged down by routine tasks over time. That’s where the occasional reboot comes in, acting as a digital spring cleaning for your connection.

Teltonika Networks RutOS supports Auto Reboot to restart the router programmatically

Here’s why rebooting your router can work wonders:

  • Memory Reset: Routers, like all devices, accumulate temporary data that can clog their systems. A reboot clears this cache, freeing up resources for optimal performance. Imagine it as decluttering your digital attic to let Wi-Fi signals flow smoothly.
  • IP Refresh: Dynamic IP addresses, assigned by your mobile operator, can sometimes get stuck or conflict with other devices. A reboot forces a refresh, ensuring your router has the latest address, and preventing connection hiccups. It’s like renewing your network’s passport for smooth international travel.
  • Channel Reselection: Cellular networks are bustling highways, and routers dynamically choose the least congested lanes (channels) for your data. Occasional reboots ensure your router finds the quickest lane again, speeding up your connection and avoiding traffic jams. Think of it as taking a detour to avoid rush hour and getting to your online destination faster.
  • Bug Squishing: Like any software, router firmware can encounter minor glitches. A reboot acts like a system restart, clearing temporary bugs and glitches that might be slowing things down. It’s like giving your network a digital tune-up to keep it running smoothly.

You can make use of the Teltonika Networks RutOS Auto Reboot feature to reboot your router programmatically. The Ping/Wget Reboot functions periodically send ICMP or Wget requests to a specified IP address or host and waits for a response. If no response is received, the device will attempt the same action a defined number of times at a defined frequency. If there is still no response, the device will execute a reboot or other specified action.


The Reboot Scheduler is a function that reboots the device at a specified time interval regardless of other circumstances. It can be used as a prophylactic measure, for example, to reboot the device once at the end of every day.

Reboot Scheduler

While rebooting is a handy tool, it’s not a cure-all. If you’re facing persistent problems, consult your mobile operator or a network specialist. But for a quick pick-me-up for your internet performance, consider giving your cellular router a digital refresh – it might just be the network boost you need.