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How to Maintain a Reliable Internet Connection in Rural Areas Without Optical Fiber Infrastructure?

In the dynamic environment of a remote wildland with fluctuating cellular signals, ensuring continuous internet connectivity for video surveillance cameras is critical. WAN Failover is a robust router solution that maintains uninterrupted connectivity. With a mobile router featuring dual SIM slots and Automatic SIM Switch capabilities, reliability is enhanced.

The cellular signal strength is fluctuating at the fishpond in northwest Hong Kong

Dual SIM technology refers to a cellular router’s ability to house two SIM cards. For any router supporting Dual SIM Switch, only one SIM is active at a time, and users can manually select the active SIM through a menu or during a router restart. Some advanced routers support automatic active SIM selection via programmable software. When one SIM is in use, the other remains completely inactive. This is the most basic and cost-effective method and is commonly found in advanced dual SIM routers.

Automatic SIM Switch enables the router to seamlessly switch between different cellular networks based on signal strength. In case of signal degradation or loss, the router intelligently switches to the alternative SIM, ensuring constant connectivity. This enhances high availability by mitigating the impact of signal variations.

Teltonika Network RUT951 router supports Dual SIM and SIM Switch capabilities

Using a router like Teltonika Networks RUT951, the SIM Switch function is easily configured through the router admin interface. By setting up the SIM Switch and primary and secondary SIM cards, the router automates the switch to ensure consistent, reliable internet access. SIM Switch ensures that the camera network remains connected, providing real-time video streaming even in challenging environments.

Teltonika Networks RutOS: SIM Switch tries to resume primary SIM card connection at predefined interval
Teltonika Networks RutOS: SIM Switch will WAN failover to second SIM card if primary SIM connection is unstable

We use a monthly LTE data service (500GB per month at US$46/month) as the primary internet connectivity and a prepaid LTE data card (77GB at US$16) as secondary to keep the data transmission cost minimal. With RUT951, we can provide a cost-effective, enterprise-grade, high-availability camera network to non-profits and NGO customers.