June 26


Decent Traffic – Low Conversion

By Pen Kwok

June 26, 2019

Many people are experiencing this: money is spent on Google and generated quite some clicks to their shopping site, but number of sales is not satisfactory. This might make people disappointed and doubted the effectiveness of digital marketing.

If you are also facing this problem, you may want to take a look at the following points:

Traffic relevancy

If the clicks attracted are not from the target audience, the conversion would not be decent. First of all, it is essential to have a well-defined audience, understand their characteristics and needs. Then select a set of appropriate keywords accordingly to drive the desired traffic. Also, the set of keywords need to be continuously optimized to improve the CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Landing page

Having the right audience clicking your ad is just the first step. The next thing is to offer a great online shopping experience. This is the first encounter of the entire shopping process. Make sure the product or service is matching the expectation of the shopper. The page design has to be intuitive, simple and user-friendly. Remove all the unnecessary and confusing elements. Loading time is also a factor, as people are not patient enough to wait 10 seconds for a page. They will just go after just a few seconds.


Many people just put down the basic factual information about the product or service. It could hardly be appealing and make the visitor buy. The copy has to be engaging and trust-worthy. You should include more multimedia content: photos, videos & graphs etc. to arouse their shopping desire. Most importantly, please remember to include a prominent CTA (Call-To-Action) like “Buy now” or “Add to cart” with an attention-grabbing button.


Complicated process with too many forms and fields to fill in is definitely annoying for a shopper.  It is therefore essential to build a convenient, smooth, stable and secure check-out experience. Remove the friction as much as possible to avoid killing the shopping desire. This could drive a significant lift in the final conversion rate.

There are certainly many other factors affecting the conversion rate. Working on the above points should be a good starting point to getting more business.

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Pen loves sharing good food and wine with friends. When he is not working on his Macbook Pro, he learns Japanese and Chinese calligraphy for fun.

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