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Audit Your Google Ads Account to Enhance Campaign Performance

PPC is one of the core digital marketing components. To make the best out of PPC campaigns, it is always a good idea to review the account systematically and improve ad performance.

Of the wide range of settings under Google Ads account, I would suggest starting with the following areas:

  1. KPI – these should be well-defined and agreed among all stakeholders – senior management, clients, marketing team, agency, etc. You may want to filter the KPIs for different users and make them stick to the business objectives.
  2. Quality Score – this is a crucial item affecting ad performance. We know that many factors are affecting QS and it might be a pretty complex task to enhance this. One way to handle this is to dig into the historical reports and focus on Expected CTR, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience.
  3. Remarketing – many people are not taking advantage of this powerful feature of digital marketing. It is particularly useful for eCommerce websites. Please check if this is already implemented to track your potential customers. This could help you focus your ad budget to the right audience and get more conversions.

There are more areas to investigate for better ad performance. I find this article very useful:

The Complete PPC Audit Guide


Happy auditing!