You may feel overwhelmed everyday by the new jargons when people talk about digital marketing or data analytics. Or, you may be curious on how to make use of the new AI technology you just read online to help you solve a problem at work. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

Relatable Training

We at the APlus Digital Academy are here to help. With more than 20 years of working experience in the digital field, we provide training services to our clients to get familiarise the latest digital technologies. We also share real life case studies on applying these technologies to improve productivity. We have been working with many technology start-ups and traditional organisations, like Robotics Cats, acesobee, Sales Catalysts, Far East Vault, Chun Wo, MTR, St. John Ambulance etc.

A training session at acesobee
A training session at HKU SPACE
Cater both Marketing and Technical needs for Business Goal

You may have encountered this situation: the Marketing Director wants to roll out a new digital marketing campaign within one week. The System Engineer may have other concerns, and need four weeks to complete the project. There is often a difference in the expectation of business executives and technical development experts. We speak both languages to help different departments in a company to work effectively together.

A training session at Chun Wo
A training session at Fortune Assets

Wanna know how to upgrade your digital skills and career? or finding ways to deliver your work with the help of digital technologies? Please contact us for more information:

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