Solving business digital problems

Many businesses are facing different problems in the process of migrating to digital:

  • Spending money on digital marketing generated some Likes and some clicks, but no sales closed
  • Number of followers stagnated for quite a period of time
  • Competitors are eating out my market share with more mobile services
  • Staff are not digitally savvy
  • Old IT systems are dragging team productivity

A.Plus Digital Academy helps businesses to overcome this friction through:

  • Business Process Diagnostic & Consulting
  • Comprehensive Group Training
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions

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A.Plus Digital Academy is the digital professional unit of A-Plus Expert focusing on assisting business to elevate their digital workforce and stay competitive in the digital age through consulting and training on a range of digital aspects.

A.Plus Expert works with a variety of clients, including the world’s top 500 enterprises and China’s domestic blue-chip corporations.