July 9


5 Interesting Statistics about Email Marketing [Infographic]

By Pen Kwok

July 9, 2019

59% of B2B marketers think email marketing is the most effective tool

Social media may be hot in the last few years, but when it comes to effectiveness, email is still the preferred channel.

70% of people delete non-mobile friendly emails immediately

Mobile has become the most used device for accessing emails. It is a top priority to make your email optimized for mobile screens.

Personalized subject line improves open rate by 35%

People feel much more engaged when they are being addressed by their first names.

Best days to send email: Tue & Thu

… and worst days to do so are weekends.

3800% ROI

The cost of implementing and running an email marketing system is relatively low when compared to other popular channels like social media, contributing to a remarkable investment.

Sources: Salesforce, B2B Magazine, SuperOffice, Adestra, CoSchedule, OptinMonster

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