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3 tips to generate more sales on your online shop

People are always finding ways to improve their online business. There are many factors affecting the performance of e-commerce sites. One of the most important factor is to increase the CTR click-through-rate of the buying buttons. Many websites do not have a compelling CTA call-to-action that drive visitors to click on the buttons. Crafting a good CTA is a good start to get more sales. Here are 3 simple tips make a good CTA:

  1. The CTA message should be specific and explicit

It should ask the visitor to perform of very specific task or action, like: “Act now”,  “Buy now”,  “Add to my basket” etc. Don’t make it complicated by asking the visitors to perform multiple steps. Avoid “vague” messages like “Best in town offer”, “Good value”, or “Smart choice”.

  1. Show the visitor a really good reason to act

Many people just need to recognize the benefits with a prominent message. You may add “Save 30% by acting now”, “Let your family enjoy a fantastic meal now”, “Get the perfect vacation with this wonderful package”. Try to make it right to the point, and not confuse your customer with clumsy paragraphs.

  1. Use effective phrases

Active verbs perform better, so avoid using passive voice in the CTA. In addition, use straight-forward and simple words, like “Learn more”, “Subscribe now”, “Tell me more” etc. Some people may want to use “tricky” or “fancy” words in CTA that make them look cool, like “Jump to the world of romance”, or “Join me to feel it”. It might just confuse your potential customer and drive down the CTR.



In the world of digital business CTA is a key item to work on. Follow the 3 tips and carefully design your CTA, and experiment it with different settings, your effort will certainly pay off.


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