Is HK fundamentally not for retail eCommerce?

Is HK fundamentally not for retail eCommerce?

Mr. Ricky Wong, chairman of HKTV once said, “Hong Kong is best known as a Shoppers’ Paradise for years. This tiny city has more than 300 shopping malls, which means that a shopping mall in any size exists in every 20,000+ population. Unlike other places, shopping is highly convenient in Hong Kong, and therefore many people firmly believe that “online shopping” has no development potential here. When HKTVmall had its official launch in February 2015, the public was pessimistic about our future development.”

Many people share the same opinion: online shopping is not for HK, for the far-too-convenient shopping infrastructure. But is this the only reason why online shopping is not blooming as in other cities? Mr. Philip Wiggenraad, head of research with Tofugear, shares more ideas in his article on Inside Retail:

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